elder care life coaching

You only have moments to live.

personal life coachingOur lives are experienced as a succession of present moments, each thought and act receding into the past and shaping the future. Our lives are lived NOW, but so many of us are sleepwalking through the present, either dwelling on the past or sacrificing the present in the hope of achieving a better job, a bigger house or the perfect relationship that will finally bring us happiness.
Life coaching is a partnership, a dialogue between confidantes. It is not therapy, which often focuses on neurosis. Instead, it borrows from the science of “Positive Psychology” which focuses on conditions that lead people to flourish. A coach encourages awareness of the present, guides his client to discover what really matters and then assists in analyzing options, and developing goals to get where you want to go.
The coaching relationship is a partnership between an expert (YOU are the only expert on you) and a trusted, insightful ally who will help you to…

  • Develop new perspectives and insights, to learn about yourself
  • Turn up the volume on “that still, small voice within”
  • Establish goals that combine present as well as future benefit
  • Overcome obstacles that block progress toward achieving those goals
  • Cultivate inspiration and offer motivation, support and accountability
  • Discover what makes you come alive
  • Get more of what you truly want out of life
  • Use your head, listen to your heart, and follow your bliss

Coaching has proven useful in helping clients cope with life’s inevitable transitions and unexpected crises: the loss of a job; surviving the death of a spouse; retirement, relationships and conflict management (not mutually exclusive!) among others. While we can’t always control events, we retain the power to choose our response. As coach Michael Neill has said, “The most important choice you make is what you choose to make important.” Life coaching helps clarify the choice.