Response to Quora question, “What do you want?”

World peace or World Series tickets? More cash or more kindness? I’d want all the above, thank you. But given the constraints of our familiar form of reality, I would rephrase the question to “What you really want?” Happiness is the default answer. Aristotle counseled Eudaimonia, often translated as happiness but more accurately rendered as flourishing. I want to flourish, to thrive. I want to understand, and to act upon that understanding. I want to understand that at every moment in my life I have a choice; that moments add up to a lifetime and choices add up to a life.

With gratitude to Martin Seligman, the founder and face of Positive Psychology, I want positive emotions (like pleasure and comfort), engagement or “flow” (when I am absorbed in a task, unaware of self or emotion), meaning (belonging to or serving something higher than the self), positive relationships (no person is an island), and accomplishment (achievement for its own sake).

And I want World Series tickets