Video Lectures By Leading Scholars

(Courtesy of Penn Arts & Sciences Positive Psychology Center)

Christopher Peterson
What makes life worth living (Part 1), 2011
What makes life worth living (Part 2), 2011

Martin E.P. Seligman
TED talk: The new era of Positive Psychology, 2004
Interview on Positive Psychology, 2009
Google talk: Positive Psychology, well being, and interventions, 2010
Aspen Ideas Festival: Flourishing and Public Policy, 2011
On BBC: Positive Psychology and PERMA, 2011
Flourishing: a new understanding of well being, 2012
Flourish, 2011
Science of well being conference, 2012
On ABC (Australia): Toward a science of human flourishing, with Dalai Lama, 2012
On well being and happiness, 2013
Positive Psychology and Psychotherapy with Martin Seligman Ph.D. and Randall C Wyatt Ph.D.

Angela Duckworth
TED talk: The key to success? Grit, 2013
Profile of Angela Duckworth, 2013 MacArthur Fellow
AP Annual Conference: True grit, 2013
The psychology of achievement, 2014
Interview: Grit and perserverance in development psychology, 2013
TED talk: True grit: Can perseverance be taught? 2009
Grit, self-control, and achievement, 2012

Karen Reivich
On Positive education and well being, 2012

Tal Ben-Shahar
Happiness 101, 2012
On Positive Psychology, 2012

Barry Schwartz
TED talk: Our loss of wisdom, 2009
TED talk: Using our practical wisdom, 2010
TED talk: The paradox of choice, 2005
TED talk: Why justice isn’t enough, 2012
Google talk: Practical wisdom, 2011
Google talk: Why more is less, 2012
Wharton talk: Practical wisdom, 2012
Doing the right thing for the right reason: Why incentives are no substitute for character, 2012
Love, empathy, wisdom, and justice, 2014

Ed Diener
A recipe for happiness (short version), 2014
A recipe for happiness (long version), 2014
The new science of happiness, 2013
On being an effective teacher, 2012
On happiness and character strengths, 2011
What you need to be happy, 2010
Happiest place on earth, 2010

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Living in flow, the secret of happiness, 2014
TED talk: What makes a good life, 2011
TED talk: Flow, the secret of happiness, 2004
Flow, creativity, and the evolving self, 2010
Flow, 2010

Jonathan Haidt
The righteous mind: Why good people are divided by politics and religion, 2013
Three stories about capitalism, 2014
Compassion and altruism, 2014
TED talk: How common threats can make common political ground, 2013
TED talk: The moral roots of liberals and conservatives, 2008
TED talk: Religion, evolution, and the ecstasy of self-transcendence, 2012

Barbara Fredrickson
TED Talk: Remaking love, 2014
Positivity resonates, 2013
Love: a new lens on the science of thriving, 2012
The science of compassion, 2012
The positivity ratio, 2011
Be positive, not productive, 2011
Positive emotions open our mind, 2011
Positive emotions transform us, 2011
A blueprint for character development, 2010
Using positivity to bounce back from inevitable setbacks, 2010
Positive emotions, 2009

Roy Baumeister
Self-control as the greatest human strength, 2014
The science of willpower, 2012
Willpower and self-control in everyday life, 2012
How rejection affects people, 2012
Understanding self-control and the limits of willpower, 2012

Shane Lopez
Hope is a strategy, 2013
Making hope happen, 2013
Making hope happen: Create the future you want for yourself and others, 2013

Robert Emmons
How gratitude heals, energizes, and changes lives, 2014
The science of gratitude, 2013
Graced gratitude and disgraced ingratitude, 2014
Gratitude as the lynchpin between adversity and delight, 2013

Sonja Lyubomirsky
The science of happiness, 2014
The science and practice of happiness across the lifespan, 2014
The myths of happiness (Part 1), 2013
The myths of happiness (Part 2), 2013
The how of happiness on Good Morning America, 2008
How to be happy, 2013
Happiness for a lifetime, 2010
Google talk: The how of happiness, 2008

Carol Dweck
The power of believing that you can improve, 2014

Dacher Keltner
TED talk: Compassion, 2010
What indicates a moral decline in the U.S., 2012
Touch and the spread of goodness, 2010
The evolutionary roots of compassion, 2012
Survival of the kindest, 2013

Laura King
Your life is probably pretty meaningful, 2014

Laurence Steinberg
Adolescence as an age of opportunity, 2014
Lessons from the new science of adolecence, 2014
Are millenials lazy, self-absorbed and needy?, 2014
The new science of adolescence: Understanding risky behavior, 2013
What is bad parenting?, 2012

George Vaillant
TED talk: From emotionally crippled to loving personality, 2014
The importance of relationships to health. resilience, and aging, 2014

Amy Wrzesniewski
Job crafting to create meaning, 2014

Prospective Psychology
Peter Railton on desire, 2014
Chandra Sriipada on the future brain, 2014
Roy Baumeister on free will and the future, 2014
Martin Seligman on creativity and aging, 2014

Other Speakers
Examplars and paragons of positive psychology leaders, 2011

PPC Speaker Series 2011:
Karen Armstrong
Joshua Greene
Julia Annas

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